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Thank-you for stopping by our website.  Our purpose here is to share quarry news and information on the fossils from the "WORLD FAMOUS"  Sharktooth Hill bonebed, located in Bakersfield, California.   We also bring you quality fossil shark teeth and common fossils for sale from this rich bonebed. 

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What makes this area so special ?
This bonebed contains abundant remains of over 140 species of marine mammals, turtles, rays, sea lions, fishes, sharks, and scores of shark teeth. Sharktooth Hill is known as the largest assemblage of Miocene-aged marine fossils in the Pacific realm. 

We personally excavate these treasures from our quarry, named for the large number of whale fossils and beautiful white to cream color shark teeth discovered there.  We also have zones where beautiful colored teeth ranging from pale gold to pumpkin orange, and sometimes with unusual markings and patterns, can be found.  

As passionate fossil collectors, we take pride in our work by providing quality specimens along with proper scientific data including:  identification, Geologic information, and locality.  

If you have any requests or need additional information, click the "contact us" tab at the top of the page and we will be happy to answer you promptly.


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